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AAC Titan-QD




AAC Titan Quick Detach Suppressor Compatible Muzzle Device

If you have been searching for a highly efficient muzzle device that is built to support the quick detach feature of the AAC Titan-QD, then look no further. This muzzle device is an accessory that was primarily developed to vent large amounts of gas and pressure in order to minimize felt recoil and allow for much faster follow-up shot opportunities.

Additionally, you AAC Titan-QD Suppressors want to listen up. The primary benefit of the Titan-QD Muzzle Brake is the fact that it provides an interface between your big bore rifle platform and your Advanced Armament Corp Titan-Quick Detach Suppressor. Utilizing the 90 Tooth Ratchet system the Titan-QD can ratchet itself directly to this muzzle device allowing you to go from full volume to suppressed in just a few short moments. With the very distinctive series of clicks, attaching a silencer has never sounded so good. I know that when I attach my Advanced Armament Corporation suppressor to my rifle it always conjures a smile on my face.

Furthermore, the Titan-QD is constructed from a stainless steel alloy which is made up of 17-4PH. This high-quality stainless steel is then treated and coated in a special formulation known as SCARmor. The AAC SCARmor finish will provide you with an incredible and durable coating that will stand up to the most rigorous use.

AAC Titan-QD Muzzle Brake (Black) Specifications and Features:

  • 101209
  • .338 Lapua Magnum/.300 Winchester Magnum Caliber Compatible
  • 90 Tooth Ratchet Quick Detach Suppressor Mount
  • Metric 18×1.5 AI Barrel Thread Pitch
  • Highly Efficient Muzzle Brake
  • Proprietary to the Titan-QD Silencer
  • Overall Length 2″
  • Length Added 1.34″
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel Alloy (17-4PH)
  • SCARmor Coated Finish
  • Black


  • Barrels Threaded Metric 18×1.5 Accuracy International
  • Provides an Interface for the AAC Titan-QD Suppressor


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