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Akdal Ghost TR01




The Akdal Ghost TR01 is a compact semi-automatic pistol designed by Akdal Arms of Turkey. It was designed as a pistol for security and law enforcement personnel rather than the military market. The TR01 is very much like the Glock 17 and shares many similarities.

Akdal Ghost TR-01 gun is a new product from Turkish company Ucyildiz Arms Ltd Inc. It is a compact semi-automatic pistol that is obviously intended for police, security, and civilian (where permitted by law) use. It appears to be heavily influenced by Austrian Glock pistols in its design, although the Akdal Ghost TR01 has improved ergonomics, especially in the grip area.

Akdal Ghost TR-01 pistol is a short recoil-operated, locked-breech pistol. It uses modified Browning-type locking, in which the barrel engages the slide with a single lug, entering the ejection window. Unlocking and locking (lowering and rise of the barrel) is controlled by a cam-shaped projection below the chamber, which interacts with a steel insert, removably set into the polymer frame. The pistol is striker-fired and utilizes a pre-cooked striker, which is put to full cock by the pull on the trigger. In case of a misfire, the user has no ‘second strike’ capability and must cycle the slide to re-cock the striker to its pre-set state. The pistol also has no manual safeties; instead, it has an automatic trigger and firing pin safeties. Magazines are double stack, holding 15 rounds of ammunition, with a magazine release button located at the base of the trigger guard. Sights are fixed and dovetailed into the slide. The polymer frame features removable backstraps (of different sizes), and an integral accessory Picatinny rail below the barrel.

4 reviews for Akdal Ghost TR01

  1. Zoriah mills

    First time I’ve used this company……..
    Fantastic company fantastic customer service
    Was emailed every step of the way and even received a tracking number
    Definitely recommended

  2. Benny mark

    Can’t knock the customer service, great communication from the guys around orders & also recommendations on products. The products really are high quality 🙌🏽 I’ve got a belt, the new BFR bands & mobility band set and everything honestly is spot on 👌🏽

  3. Sonita jindal

    Ordered a custom belt , quality of product and efficiency of service exceeded my expectations…………kept men in the loop at every stage of the process and were always helpful and friendly.Am really enjoying using my sturdy new belt and would wholeheartedly recommend ………

  4. Zack marcus

    Fast & efficient

    Good service – highly recommend

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