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ALFA Combat




The proven concept of the self-loading service and defense pistol in modern design with a polymer material frame. The breech locks in vertical movement of the barrel and the action cycle drive are controlled with short recoil of the back blow assembly. This ALFA Combat uses a Browning-type breech locking system distinguished with simplicity, reliability, and dirt-resistance. The trigger and striker mechanisms are designed with the minimum number of parts to allow also field disassembly for emergency cleaning. It works in both the single- and double-action modes being equipped with a quick response manual safety lock. The arm is equipped with a striker lock designed to allow the permanent carrying of a cartridge loaded in the cartridge chamber having the gun always ready-for-use. Low weight, high magazine capacity, and simple handling are appealing for demanding shooters. The high precision permits the use of the gun for center fire shooting sports disciplines. The three effective bores and two-size versions offer a selection for a policeman as well as a sports shooter.

Designed to meet the demands of the serious shooter, the ALFA Combat is chambered in the popular 9mm Luger cartridge and features a hard-wearing blued finish with synthetic grips. Made in the Czech Republic, the Iron Combat gun has a 4½” barrel and fired with a long trigger pull (Double Action) or by manually cocking the exposed hammer first (Single Action).

7 reviews for ALFA Combat

  1. mark jones

    Made a order with them. Was kept informed via email of the progress of my order. Super fast delivery highly recommend and will recommend this company to all my air gun mates. I would definitely use again

  2. young kodak

    Ordered at around 2pm got my parts before 10am nx day brilliant service

  3. Mr Kerry pac

    First time I’ve used this company [Fortscott munitions and I received my purchases the following working day.
    Great service and easy to deal with. Recommended….Thanks

  4. Jayson bright

    Great experience and fast shipping in this e-commerce focus world during the pandemic.

    Great price, no issues and a very happy buyer!

  5. Mcberry

    Good service every time ….✌

  6. Thomas Willibroad

    Great job keeping commitment. Ordered a Game rifle and and despite the corona virus craziness,Fortscott Munitions kept met their delivery commitment. Emails were promptly returned. will definitely do business with them again.

  7. Homeboy Quan

    I have ordered several firearms and accessories from Fortscott Munitions , I have found their prices lower then most other online gun sales. I have never had any problems and in most instances my firearms were shipped fast to my FFL. I highly recommend them and plan on continuing ordering from them

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