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The AMT AutoMag III is a single-action, recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol whose action is based on John Browning’s tilting barrel locking system, unlocking is controlled by a cam-shaped slot in the lug below the chamber of the barrel, which interacts with the slide stop axis pin. The gun is made of 17-4 stainless steel, with the exception of the barrel, which is 416 stainless, and the A-2 tool steel sear. The major components including the slide and frame are investment castings. The stainless steel has a bead-blasted matte appearance with the exception of the sides of the slide, which are polished. The grips are made of black composite material. The slide-mounted safety is a simple rotating cylinder that blocks the hammer from contacting the firing pin. The pistol can be placed on safe even if the hammer is not cocked, the safety does not lock the sear or trigger. A cocked hammer will fall by pulling the trigger when the safety is applied, but the safety will block the hammer from striking the firing pin. The slide stop is on the left side of the frame, it locks the slide back after the last shot has been fired from the magazine. The magazine release button is located on the left side of the frame just aft of the trigger. The single-stack, single-feed magazine holds 8 rounds. The rear sight is a Millet adjustable; the front sight is a fixed ramp. The trigger pull measured 4.5 pounds. The AMT AutoMag III is similar in appearance to the classic 1911 pistol, albeit larger in size. The grip is somewhat wide, measuring 2.25-inches by 1.25-inches, necessitated by the length of the .30 carbine round. The unloaded weight of the Automag III is 45 ounces, overall length is 10.5-inches, barrel length is 6.5-inches. Field stripping procedures are very similar to the 1911 pistol.

An interesting design feature is the spring-loaded pin assembly that protrudes out of the rear of the recoil spring guide rod. The purpose of the pin is to delay the barrel in order to prevent it from jamming on the slide as it moves forward. It should be mentioned that when field stripping the pistol, special attention should be paid to the, easily lost, spring and pin.

There are different configurations of the Automag III pistol, which was manufactured under different company logos. Due to the small number of examples available to examine it is not possible to pinpoint exactly when certain features appeared or were deleted.

The earliest Automag III pistols in .30 caliber carbine were marked with the IAI logo of Irwindale Arms Incorporated on the slide and frame. Known examples have a locking lug on the barrel and a corresponding locking groove in the slide.

Later Automag pistols were marked with the AMT logo of Arcadia Machine and Tool on the slide and frame.

The right side of the slide now included the warning “CAUTION capable of firing with the magazine removed, read instruction manual before handling this firearm”. Known examples of this variation had a small or no locking lug on the barrel, the barrel hood locked into the slide. Reportedly this variation will function without the barrel delay spring and plunger assembly in the guide rod. Two other features on the AMT pistols are a three-dot rear sight and the magazine release button has a slightly different checkering pattern. The AMT-marked models are more common than the earlier production IAI-marked pistols.

There was also an Automag III model available in 9mm Winchester Magnum. However, many of the components differed in dimensions from the .30 carbine caliber model, and swapping calibers between the two guns is not practical.

7 reviews for AMT AutoMag III

  1. Tom freddy

    Belt was designed exactly how I wanted. It could not have been any more perfect!

  2. Jason smith

    I bought an Auto Mag 3…Very happy with product and with the service from start to finish. Communication was excellent and delivery was fast. I even got a discount for being a front line worker. Highly recommend.

  3. Smith Guns

    The Auto Mag 3 gun is lightweight and has a compact design which makes it incredibly easy to use………… Highly recommend

  4. Larry mac

    I have a knot deep in my hamstring for 4 years, nothing would get rid of it, I got the Auto Mag 3 and the gun is very quite and lite, the battery lasts ages. I’m in love with it and I can pop it in my handbag and bring it everywhere. I’m a student nurse so its great after a long day on my feet.

  5. Bruno long

    I bought a gun from fortscott and i was really impressed by their customer service ….very very impressive …with a discount as a new client…i highly recommend✌✌…….reliable

  6. Thomson cleo

    Wow!!!! This is really nice ….to have a site like this were i can purchase my guns at any moment ….their services are highly reliable for sure…

  7. Naeto slim

    I have the Auto just over a week now and I’m extremely impressed! The customer service is outstanding, with exceptional communication from placing the order, through to delivery to my front door. Have already started to recommend and have just purchased another Auto as a gift…..

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