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ASP Pistol




The SIG ASP Pistol is the latest airgun introduction from SIG SAUER. With a Street Price of $350.00, it’s not the cheapest single shot, entry-level target pistol. However, it’s not the most expensive either. And it’s a positive bargain compared to a full-on, Olympic-level competition air pistol.

ASP Pistol gives the maximum velocity for the Super Target as 350 FPS. The gun tested by HAM just exceeded this with three of our test lead wadcutter pellets. It recorded 409 FPS with the SIG Match Ballistic Alloy pellets.

However, with the Super Target air pistol being intended for entry-level target shooting, the Muzzle Velocity is really unimportant. It’s all about accuracy!

As this is the first target pistol to be tested by HAM, it’s important to clarify a few things right now…

First, we did not use the usual range of HAM standard test pellets. Instead, we used seven different types of wadcutter pellets. These are listed in the table below.

Second, HAM Tester Doug Wall shot at 10 Meters (11 yards) using a rest. He made shots 10 shots on each target, whereas five shots per target would be normal for 10 Meter air pistol competition. This means that – for purely statistical reasons – our groups are larger than would be expected for five-shot strings.

Third. SIG is marketing the Super Target as an entry-level target pistol – not an Olympic-grade model. We expected entry-level groups on target and were pleased with the results.

Fourth, Doug shot at our standard HAM test target. This is NOT a dedicated air pistol target. The 10 ring of a 10 Meter air pistol target has a diameter of 11.5 mm (about 29/64 Inches). The 9 ring has a diameter of 27.5 mm (about 1 5/64 Inch). And don’t forget that a shot just has to cut the ring to be counted at that score. For this test, we ignored shots that would have counted as an 8 or less.

So, we used a transparent template with appropriate diameters to lay over the targets and determine how many of Doug’s shots would have scored as a 10 or a 9. We did this by group size, not based on hitting the target bull as the Super Target Air Pistol was not sighted-in especially for each pellet type.

The average trigger pulls the weight of the Super Target air pistol tested by HAM was 2 Lb 7 Oz.  Doug Wall commented in his testing notes: “Great trigger! Multiple adjustments.”

In fact, the HAM Team shot the Super Target with the factory trigger settings and found it very acceptable.

The first stage has just the right amount of weight. There’s some travel in the second stage, but it’s consistent and controllable. It’s clear when the sear will be released and Doug was very happy with it…

4 reviews for ASP Pistol

  1. Mengot Prince

    The ASP Pistol is the bomb….this is way too big……i highly recommend….this can be removed at anywhere….great pistol….and a good price too …….i got mine 3days back……very reliable shipping …thanks a lot guys ….for your loyalty too✌💯

  2. Thompson gunz

    Good quality parts !!
    Happy with all of it

  3. Shane Gagne

    If you would have wrote warranty on the box that the warranty parts you sent me were in I would not been charged a shipping charge. The good thing is you people stand behind your product and that is the most important thing to me

  4. Julius brane

    Awesome products and awesome customer service!!!

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