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Bowers Bitty




The Bowers Bitty is the smallest rimfire suppressor in class.   It is designed to be a hearing-safe dry suppressor without the use of any consumable wipes and goes with other gun accessories well.  Its user-serviceable design allows for an ultra-compact size that is both full-auto rated and able to multitude of calibers, including 5.7×28.  At just 2.8″ long, it’s one of the smallest hearing-safe rimfire suppressors on the market.  With the weight of 2.6 ounces, it all but vanishes on the end of a rimfire pistol or rifle.

The Bitty is designed to directly thread on 1/2×28 barrels.

There is a Shakespeare quote about being little but fierce… but something tells us that quoting Shakespeare in a silencer product description may not be appropriate.  So, let’s just say that Bowers knocked it out of the park with this little guy!

Building on years of success with the USS 22 silencer design, good old Tom Bowers has released – to our knowledge – the smallest, wireless, magnum-rated silencer on the rimfire market.  The idea was to create a silencer that performed to “hearing safe” standards on a pistol without any of the additional size or weight to bulk your host firearm down.  The Bitty is the culmination of that endeavor and performs as well as most “full-size” silencers on a rifle. Fans and owners of Bowers silencers will already be familiar with the baffle design of then Bitty.  Coming in at a scant 2.8 inches in length, it holds three steel baffles and an aluminum spacer within the titanium tube.  The front and rear caps are both aluminum as well, are both removable (with an included wrench), and sport a new insert-less design to save weight and length.

I’ve had a good bit of experience with the Bowers USS22 suppressor and found it to be extremely quiet and durable.  But the downside to an extremely durable (relentless belt fed full auto durability) suppressor is they can be a bit heavy and large.  But the Bowers Bitty is only 2.8″ long and weighs 2.6 ounces.  Yet, even for the small package, it’s still crazy strong.  Not only is it fully auto-rated but it will handle 22LR, 22Mag, 22 Hornet, 17HMR, 17WSM, and 5.7FN.  It does all this as a dry suppressor, no wipes, no wet, just fire.

Now of course there will be a trade-off and it’s not as quiet as the USS22 suppressor is on a pistol.  However – on a longer barrel rifle such as the Henry Frontiers I couldn’t tell a difference between the Bitty and the full-sized USS22 suppressor side by side.


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