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Dead Air Sandman-K




We gotta be honest, Dead Air’s new Dead Air Sandman-K is one sexy can. Adding to their already potent/awesome trio of Sandman silencers, Dead Air has taken the 7.62mm rifle category to another level. By sharing all of the same features as its Sandman-S and Sandman-L brethren, this super-compact version is bound to turn heads.

Headquartered in Utah, the revolutionary minds of Mike Pappas, Todd Magee, and Gary Hughes crafted the Sandman-K and other gun accessories to prove smaller is sometimes better. If length and weight are primo characteristics of your chosen silencer, this unit stands alone in the 7.62mm rifle class.

With a full stellite baffle stack and stainless tube, the Sandman K ensures extreme durability on both full auto use and extremely short barrels. The Dead Air Sandman-K utilizes the standard Dead Air Key Mount system, ensuring compatibility with the same muzzle devices used for the Sandman L, Sandman S, and many SilencerCo suppressors using the Dead Air Key-Mo system.

As with other Dead Air suppressors, the Dead Air Sandman-K has no minimum barrel length restrictions and a lifetime warranty. The Dead Air Sandman K is a great choice for suppression when the smallest footprint is needed.

Speaking of size, the Dead Air Sandman-K measures a mere 5.4″; short and only adds 2.9″; to your rig (with muzzle device mounted). Weighing in at 12.8 ounces, the maneuverability of this silencer is remarkable and definitely a feature not often seen or felt with rifle models. The Sandman-K holds a stainless steel body with Stellite™; baffles, providing unquestioned durability throughout its extended lifecycle. Dead Air employed the same convenient QD mounting system as its suppression brothers, which assures the shooter repeatable precision with minimal POI shift. Rated up to .300 Win Mag, the Sandman-K is able to hang with the big dogs in its category; which is truly kickass if you think about it.


  • Low back-pressure, ideal for semi-automatic rifles
  • Ultra-short length
  • No minimum barrel length restrictions
  • Full auto rated, from 5.56 to 300 Win Mag
  • Full stellite baffle stack for extreme durability
  • Key-mount QD system with solid lockup and repeatable POI
  • Available in black cerakote or RAW (stainless)



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